Like Bob Dylan before them, NYC nu-disco duo Holy Ghost! have licensed a song to Victoria's Secret. The Tiger & Woods remix of 'Hold My Breath' shows up in the lingerie maker's new ad for the CloseUp bra, an apparently state-of-the-art garment "with a wider sideband that flatters from every angle." The 30-second spot skimps on technical details, but the boys at NASA were no doubt involved with engineering this thing.

Holy Ghost! don't actually appear in the ad, as Dylan did with his 'Angels in Venice' Victoria's Secret clip, but that's probably for the best. Band members Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel are handsome dudes, and their new album 'Dynamics' is massaging the pleasure centers of synth-pop enthusiasts the world over, but the star here is South African model Candice Swanepoel, and she won't be upstaged.

"Are you ready for your close-up," Swanepoel asks in the opening seconds, just before the Holy Ghost! track kicks in with its irresistible bass drum, snare and synth sounds.

Dance music is supposed to be sexy, so Holy Ghost! haven't crossed any taste boundaries by shilling for Victoria. Here, indie meets undies in the most natural way possible, and if the group hadn't already won over male listeners aged 13 to 21, they've now got that demographic on lockdown.