Earlier this year, Aaron Behrens made his solo debut with the help of his band, the Midnight Stroll. The self-titled EP was released via Skeleton Farm Records and follows Behrens’ work with the electro-pop duo, Ghostland Observatory.

The singer-songwriter has been working on his solo music since 2013 -- writing, recording and rehearsing with musicians from Austin, Texas. The EP is packed to the brim with soul, rock and blues, all fused into one cohesive sound.

We had the chance to catch up with Behrens to talk about the new EP, why he released it on 10-inch vinyl, and what’s next for his solo career. Check out our exclusive interview below:

First off, how does it feel to have your first solo release out to the masses?

It feels great! I love that people finally get to hear and see a different side of me creatively.

How did you approach the EP differently than your work with Ghostland Observatory?

With Ghostland Observatory, it was Thomas and I banging out tracks in our rehearsal space, but with this it was songs that I had written on acoustic and then fleshed out with a full band.

For me, I love that you released this solo effort as a 10-inch vinyl. Why is pressing new music still important to you as a musician?

I think it's nice to have somthing physical in this digital world -- something that reminds you that this is a piece of art.

How important is vinyl to you personally?

It's nostalgic and high-quality all wrapped into one form. I love it.

Album covers are always important, and this one is clearly a shout-out to the EP being yours. 

I just wanted it to be simple yet regal. And a reintroduction.

You were promoting the release with a full-blown solo tour across North America. How were the shows?

The shows were great! The people have been excited about this new project and I have enjoyed connecting with them after shows. I love being back on the stage again!

You wrapped up the tour in November -- what’s next? Do you already have plans for a follow-up solo release?

Oh yeah! I have seven tracks already recorded and a handful more to demo! Looking to release the in 2015!

Aaron Behrens and the Midnight Stroll -- 10-Inch Vinyl EP

Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser
Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser
Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser