Volvo's latest commercial for its S60 model puts a clever spin on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood with the help of indie singer Laura Gibson.

The ad uses a red Volvo S60 to portray Little Red Riding Hood. The car heads through a winding forest at night, on its way to grandmother's house, we presume. The car screeches to a halt when it encounters a big bad wolf in the middle of the road.

The wolf snarls at the car, but the Volvo revs its engine, scaring the wolf away, and the car drives on. An interior shot shows a small girl in the backseat dressed in a red hooded jacket. Gibson's updated recording plays during portions of the commercial.

The song was first recorded by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs in 1966 as 'Lil' Red Riding Hood.' The track reached No. 2, the same peak as the band's other big hit, 'Wooly Bully.'

Gibson, a singer-songwriter from Oregon, explained on her blog, "A while back I was asked to record a cover of the song 'Hey There Little Red Riding Hood' for a Volvo commercial. The commercial started airing this week and I think it’s pretty damn cute. Stay tuned. Barsuk is going to release a full version of the cover soon. I never thought I’d cover a Sam Sham and the Pharaohs song but it was so fun! Perhaps I should record 'Wooly Bully' next."

Watch Laura Gibson's 'Little Red Riding Hood' in the Volvo S60 Commercial