Volvo encourages us to take "a different journey" in their new commercial for the V40 vehicle. The advertisement features Ben Hartley's charming song 'Little Notes.'

As a couple does a coin toss to determine who gets to drive their new car, the quaint, acoustic tune plays in the background and helps to set the mood. The song appears on Hartley's EP, 'Friends, Lovers and Home,' which was released in 2010 as a series of MP3 downloads via Special Blend Records, a label that is best described as a digital boutique.

The debut collection of songs by Hartley showcases several tracks that give us a glimpse into the singer's heart and soul. Similarly, Volvo's commercial tugs on the audience's heart strings as the happy family enjoys the comfort of their new vehicle by taking it on a serene journey across the city, sea and countryside.

This isn't the first time the Swedish car company has utilized an up-and-coming indie artist in their advertisements. In 2008, they went back to their roots by using the song 'I Adore You' by Swedish band Melpo Mene in a commercial for the Volvo C70.

Hear Ben Hartley's 'Little Notes' in the Volvo V40 Commercial