The new advertisement for the Volvo V40 five-door family-sized hatchback is rather unremarkable. A fairly stylish, 30-something guy looks bored standing in line as he runs various errands, then suddenly flashes a smile when he steps outside to the parking lot and gets a glimpse of his shiny new ride before cruising off. The assertion is obvious: The V40 is a fun countermeasure to the blandness of everyday life. 

The backing song may sound a bit like a blissed-out version of the Cure's '80s classic 'Just Like Heaven,' but it's actually a much more recent recording: 'Please Ask for Help' from the album '12 Desperate Straight Lines' by Telekinesis, the Seattle based one-man project of Michael Benjamin Lerner. 'Ask for Help' isn't instrumental in its full-length three-minute version -- it actually becomes an upbeat, bass-heavy indie dance groove with pleading, wispy vocals -- but the song does kick off with a 30-second long passage sans singing.

Considering that the Volvo commercial is half-a-minute long, it fits perfectly, with plenty of room for the diddling piano clip that starts off the ad. The Telekinesis tune, of course, kicks in when our errand-running star makes his way outside to his awaiting Volvo chariot. And while it may not be 'Just Like Heaven,' it sure seems like it is to him.

Watch the Volvo V40 2012 Commercial Feat. Telekinesis