Piercing hot fuzz blasts across your headphones like big boat chop from the Pacific Ocean. Laser-precision snare strikes rain hellfire from above. Singer Ryan Baca howls with hedonistic abandon. These are the ingredients in the sonic coffee you get from L.A. rockers Wake Up Lucid's new single 'I Want,' premiering today via Diffuser.fm. (Listen below.)

The West Coast trio -- brothers Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca -- recently released the album 'Feel It,' produced by Joe Cardamore of the Icarus Line. It's a distortion-heavy LP of busy bangers combining the angst of classic psychedelia and raucous feel of newer blues bands like the Black Keys.

The razor-like 'I Want' is due to appear on the split 7-inch Wake Up Lucid are gearing up to release with the punk group Dead Ships.

"The track is really just never being satisfied and constantly looking at what you don't have and lusting after it … whatever it may be," singer Ryan Baca tells Diffuser.fm.

"When I work with Wake Up Lucid, I always try to keep their live sound in mind," Cardamone says. "They have a very powerful live sound, so why wouldn't we use that to our advantage?"

"We set the band up in the Valley Recording live room like they would be just jamming on any old day and strategically placed mics around to capture their performance," the producer adds. "With a band that has such an intuitive chemistry, I can see no better way then letting them go at it and then trying to represent a faithful snapshot. The results speak for themselves."

Wake Up Lucid's 'I Want' will be pressed in wax and unleashed on the masses by Near Mess Records in the coming weeks.