With 'Tightrope,' the second single from Walk the Moon's self-titled major-label debut, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie pop act potentially has a seriously huge crossover hit on their hands. Forget the fact that you may have first heard the song in an HP Ultrabook TV commercial -- this song is so much bigger than that spot already that dwelling on it would be like saying that fun.'s 'We Are Young' only got big because it soundtracked a Chevy Superbowl commercial. Who cares?

If you don't believe that this song is going to be big, check out the hype the band is getting from the blog scene -- and we're not talking about hipster music sites like Pitchfork, we mean celeb-obsessed blogs like Perez Hilton that pull some serious mainstream influence.  "One of our current faves on the music scene brought their crashing, smashingly sweet heart-pumpin' beats ... and totally melted the crowd with their concentrated lunar-licious magic," Perez wrote of a recent Moon gig. Talk about a glowing review!

And not only that, it's also pretty much right on target. With their infectious melodies, swirling guitars and party-starting dance beats all swirled together through an electronic pulse, Walk the Moon could easily follow in the footsteps of bands link the Bravery, MGMT, Passion Pit or even arena rockers the Killers. They have the chops and star power to be that big.

Listen to Walk the Moon, 'Tightrope'