Last night's Season 3 premiere of 'The Walking Dead' brought plenty of splatter and suspense -- it is, after all, a show about zombies -- but the eagerly anticipated 'Seed' episode also featured a dang pretty indie-rock tune. What's the song that gave viewers a brief reprieve from the gore?

The song -- played during an emotional montage at the prison -- is 'Noisy Sunday' by Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson's eponymous band. It appears on the group's fourth album, 'Adventures In Your Own Backyard,' released earlier this year on Domino. Watson draws heavily from folk and cabaret, and over the years, the Montreal musician has earned comparisons to such singing, strumming luminaries as Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.

Patrick Watson may be relatively unknown in the States, but he's a big deal in Canada. His sophomore album, 'Close to Paradise,' won the 2007 Polaris Music Prize, beating out the Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible' and Feist's 'The Reminder,' among others. The band tours Europe through early November and then kicks off a fall tour of North America, where their appearance on 'The Walking Dead' is sure to help them move some tickets and T-shirts.

Listen to Patrick Watson's 'Noisy Sunday'