In the production of the sick viral concert film viewable below, Jack White enlisted the help of one of the few artists around as weird and brilliant as he is—master chameleon Gary Oldman. Upon seeing the actor, White did what many of his fans would do to him: tackled the genius to the ground. "That's real blood," Oldman laughed after. Beyond the bloodshed, the collaboration resulted in a two-hour, two-set, old school rock n' roll film ready to go viral--and make sponsor Amex very happy.

The April 27 show, recorded at Webster Hall in New York City, begins with Jack all prim in a peak-lapeled paisley suit, surrounded by an all-female band dressed out in daguerreotype ready 19th century garb -- check out that Jane Austen-esque drummer smashing those skins. Jack and the ladies crushed 'Hotel Yorba,' 'Freedom at 21,' and more from 'Blunderbuss,' his new solo record, and his White Stripes catalog.

Between the two sets is a cutaway to the 'Blunderbus,' where director Gary Oldman introduces his web audience to the crew in the van. He is clearly stoked to be directing, and making it up as he goes along -- rather well.

The second set, this time backed by an all-dude band, begins with screaming single 'Sixteen Saltines.' Decked out in his customary all black, White seems a bit short of breath, not getting as much muscle into the vocals live as on the album. White included tracks back from the White Stripes days, with  'We Are Going To Be Friends' midway through the second set and closing the video film with the colossal 'Seven Nation Army.'

Watch Jack White's 'Unstaged' Concert