Indie pop princess-nugget Lana Del Rey has a new dirty-clean-beautiful-ugly music video. In 'Carmen' -- viewable below -- the divisive songstress splices cultural and personal memories in what may be her most significant piece of video art yet.

Yes, you did read that: video art. While necessarily trend-tschoscke, Del Rey's newest does crazy things to the viewer's (read: our) subconscious. In many ways, the girl is the musical equivalent of Instagram: 2012 features to enable 1974 style and emminently shareable. Art history classes would call this video a pastiche, and indeed it is: clips are obviously on contemporary stock, or with a vintage filter, and a few might actually be drawn from analog reels of some sort. There's the candid camp content, the candid camp: Lana's disembodied voice asks video boyfriend "Talk to me about why I'm your dream girl," and he replies, "Going to be a short conversation."

That sums up Lana's whole brand, or, gasp, artistic image: broken and beautiful, vulnerable yet dangerous. What looks like home movies are next to mentions of methamphetamine, small hands hold a teddy bear and then a cigarette. Lana is a Lolita of theTwitter age, dangerous and adorable, most real when she's most fake.

Watch Lana del Rey's 'Carmen' Video