M83 hit the Coachella 2012 stage on Friday night, but this concert video just recently surfaced so we're going to go ahead and share it with you now. The France-based electro-shoegazers were in fine form as they performed a slew of songs off last year's critically acclaimed and commercially successful release, 'Hurry Up,
We're Dreaming.'

M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez sat down for an interview while at Coachella, and proceeded to reveal some startling information about his band. "I don't really have any talent. My mom is really writing all the songs for me," he joked. "I'm not doing anything. We've got ... computers and stuff for the mixing, it's a whole process. I'm just the face." And quite a pretty face at that.

On a more realistic note, M83's set was truly bombastic, epic and beautiful -- no matter who writes the songs, it's not to be missed. Check it out below.

M83's Coachella 2012 First Weekend Set List
1. 'Intro'
2. 'Teen Angst'
3. 'Reunion'
4. 'Sitting'
5. 'We Own the Sky'
6. 'Steve McQueen'
7. 'Fall' (Daft Punk cover)
8. 'Midnight City'
9. 'Couleurs'

Watch M83s' Entire Coachella 2012 First Weekend Performance (In Four Parts)