Band of Horses dropped a short but extremely effective video teaser revealing some key details about  their new album. First, it is due in September. There's no title yet, but in this clip, there are vivid visuals as well as a snippet of the song 'Dumpster World,' which certainly gets the blood flowing with excitement for a new platter.

The clip starts out serene and chill, with the black-and-white image of water and waves in the middle of nature, flowing amongst the rocks, with the song playing in the background. Then the camera feels like it's submerged. We learn that the album was produced by Glyn Johns and that it's coming in three months, but that's about the extent of the hard, fast facts.

The pace of the music picks up and starts to rock progressively harder as the clip cuts to in-color studio footage of the band playing their instruments. They're essentially rocking the hell out. It's a keyhole view of the Band of Horses studio process. The band sure looks like it's having a good time cutting and tracking the album. Stick around for the final three seconds and you'll see what we mean.

From what we can tell from this minute-long teaser, 'Dumpster World' has teeth and we want to hear the rest of it. The band's previous album 'Infinite Arms' dropped in 2010.

Watch Band of Horses New Album Teaser