When asked why they wanted to cover the Cars, the Punch Brothers were full of answers:

"Because it's awesome," -- and -- "Because it's an incredible song," -- and -- "Because it's ... just what I needed."

You can almost hear the womp womp in the background.

So begins the Onion A.V. Club's Starbucks Espresso Mocha Viente Cover Session (yes, we made that up) with the Nashville band, which, beyond having an impeccable sense of humor, can play a mean 'Just What I Needed,' viewable below. Jokes aside, the song's perfect for the band's lengthy tours.

"It's something we can take on the road," said adorable frontman Chris Thile. While often startlingly original -- 2008's 'Punch' featured a four-part suite -- the guys aren't strangers to covers. They've brought a 'Kid A'  into their repertoire (with fiddle taking the place of static!), so the 1978 New Wave smash is well within their means.

With a sorrowful, divorcey heartbreak tale behind all that heartfelt plucking, and the well received 'Who's Feeling Young Now' released in February, plus a spot on the teen flypaper 'Hunger Games' soundtrack, the Punch Brothers might be a 'Skinny Love' away from pulling a Bon Iver and blowing up all sensitive-dude style.

And that's just what they needed.

Womp, womp.

Watch the Punch Brothers Cover 'Just What I Needed'