How do you like 'em? If you're anything like the members of the Royalty, you probably answered "swoony, retro, and tastefully lit," in which case we have some great news for you: The just-released video for the band's new single 'How I Like Em' is all of those things and then some.

The leadoff single for their upcoming album 'Lovers,' due May 8, 'How I Like Em' lives up to the MTV pullquote on the front page of the band's website, which describes their music as "like Amy Winehouse went on holiday with Vampire Weekend." Frontwoman Nicole Boudreau's torchy vocals have a slight Dusty Springfield vibe, while the reverb-drenched arrangement wraps them in a suitably timeless, pillowy-soft embrace.

Like the song itself, the video keeps things relatively simple, offering simultaneous split shots of the band members performing in someone's house. But hey, not every clip needs booty dancers or explosions, right? Sometimes it's all about the music, and that's definitely the case with 'How I Like Em.' Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think -- will you be pre-ordering 'Lovers' today?

Watch the Royalty's 'How I Like Em' Video