It doesn't get much better than a full 48 minutes of hypnotic and cerebral north-of-England rock 'n' roll. Wild Beasts, whose 'Two Dancers'  and 'Smother' have both been lauded by critics for their clever lyrics and spare instrumentation, played a killer set at Coachella on Sunday, for a band that creates such an atmosphere on an album, it was doubly impressive to see them extend that intimacy onstage.

Leadman Hayden Thorpe uses the range of his voice expertly, either slipping into honeyed falsetto or troubled warble. When the band goes instrumental, they build to a post-rock crescendo, though instead of breakdown catharsis, in comes the waver of Thorpe's curious voice. They're funny too: guitarist Tom Fleming says that a lot of their songs are about "how we can't deal with the sexiness of the world," and that's especially the case in Southern California.

The set and the videography here are both top drawer -- so if have a spare hour, grab a drink and soak into this.

Wild Beasts′s Coachella 2012 First Weekend Set List
1. 'Bed of Nails'
2. 'We Still Got the Taste Dancing on Our Tongues'
3. 'The Fun Power Plot'
4. 'This is Our Lot'
5. 'Loop the Loop'
6. 'Reach a Bit Further'
7. 'All the King's Men'
8. 'Hooting & Howling'
9. 'End Come Too Soon'

Watch Wild Beasts Full Set at Coachella 2012