We Are Scientists are known for their quirky videos -- and their latest effort is no different.
Their new visual for "Overreacting Under the Sea" will either make you dread the next time you go to the karaoke bar or inspire you to head to one tonight. Check it out above.

Keith Murray plays the guy on the mic who's not only really into singing the track but is also throwing down his best moves. While it starts off with Murray just doing his best rendition of the track, he starts to multiply throughout the screen to show all the vocals that he's filling in on.

Meanwhile, bandmate Chris Cain has the task of being the star of the actual karaoke video. If you've had any experience with this pastime, the clips are normally overly dramatic -- and this one's no different. Taking a relaxing stroll on the beach, lying in the fields and getting very well acquainted with a cactus, Cain does it all with so much love and care. Murray and Cain's performances in this video are already funny on their own, but seeing them together takes it to another level.

"Overreacting Under the Sea" is off the New York City band's upcoming Record Store Day exclusive release, TV en Français, Sous La Mer, which includes eight re-recorded versions of songs from their 2014 album, TV en Français.

We Are Scientists will be doing some live shows this month, including a gig with Kaiser Chiefs and Priory in Los Angeles on April 25 followed by few shows with Kingswood. You can see more information about their shows here.