As fans prepare for the first Weezer album in four years, frontman Rivers Cuomo has some encouraging words for the band’s supporters.

“One of the most inspiring moments for this record was when we did the Weezer Cruises and we were locked up with a bunch of our fans,” Cuomo says about Weezer's upcoming -- and ninth -- studio album, ‘Everything Will Be Alright In the End,’ in a recent interview with Q Magazine. He continues, “It was just such a feeling of love and support and passion for the most uniquely Weezer parts of what we do.”

Weezer currently have a few live shows scheduled through Oct. 24, but it's expected more tour dates will be announced soon. Today (Aug. 31), Weezer are performing at Los Angeles' Made in America Festival. As they tweeted earlier, this is their first gig in downtown L.A. since '93.

The Ric Ocasek-produced 'Everything Will Be Alright In the End' hits store shelves on Oct. 7 via Republic. Get details on the record here. In the meantime, enjoy this snippet of Weezer's brand-new song, 'Go Away':