After spilling a few snippets of songs last week, Weezer have announced their upcoming ninth album in the form of a black-and-white video, which you can watch above.

Unfortunately, the band that brought you the classic Blue Album, as well as Green and Red albums, decided not to name their new record after one of the colors in the rainbow. It's called 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End,' and is produced by Ric Ocasek, who worked on both the Blue and Green albums.

There's no release date for the record yet, but it's due by the end of the year.

If drummer Pat Wilson's epic Frisbee catch over the weekend is any sign of things to come from Weezer, we're in for a treat. The band is one of the headliners at Riot Fest this year, so after a four-year break, it looks like they're ready for some action again.

Here's part of one of the new songs that will most likely show up on the album: