While conflict and war overseas have given drones a bad rap, filmmakers have been using this technology for some really cool visuals. Take, for instance, Weyes Blood's new video, 'Bad Magic.'

Directed by Joey Frank, the visual shows a sweeping view of the Far Rockaways and the Hamptons in New York. The waves breaking along the coast and the cold sun go along nicely with the pace of the song.

"The song is so slow, and the drone footage is very hypnotic and slow," the singer told Fader in a recent interview. "The rhythm of the ocean looks like how the song sounds. And also, when the drone becomes self-aware -- I think it's a very jarring moment where you see the source of the machine that's creating the imagery ... that was kinda the whole point. Amidst all the beauty and the stereotypical sweeping beautiful shots, you all of a sudden see the robot that's creating that, which I think ties into the theme of the song: becoming self-aware and finding a new way, now that you've realized that you're on a runaway train that took you too far."

The folk artist says that it is a song about something that's just so alluring you're addicted -- but ultimately it's bad for you. With melody and Weyes' vocals putting you in a trance, we're not surprised if this video will quickly take you to another state of mind.

'Bad Magic' is Weyes Blood's latest from her debut Mexican Summer album, 'The Innocents,’ which is out now.