More than just wrinkly old rock stars are asking for shelter these days. Young gothy women want some too. 

Even members of a Eastern European punk collective rotting in a Russian prison can be nominated for Person of the Year.

It took more than 20 years for an obscure funk group to find out that someone had heard their music.

Even a long-MIA band with only one great album and one mediocre one to their name can headline a prestigious rock festival.

Turns out "three-year hiatus" means something different when you are married to an Oscar-winning actress and have a kid named after a piece of fruit.

Apparently there are a few million people out there who still haven't heard last year's biggest album.

It's OK to borrow a ton of old riffs from underpaid artists but it's not OK to sound like a band that's borrowed a ton of old riffs from underpaid artists.