Georgia rockers the Whigs are ready to bring fans a fresh batch of songs as they have announced plans for a new album called 'Enjoy the Company.' The disc will be released on Sept. 18 through New West Records.

'Enjoy the Company' is the follow-up record to 2010's 'In the Dark,' and is the band's fourth overall. The songs were crafted in Nashville, Tenn. and their hometown of Athens, Ga., and the actual album was recorded in Woodstock, N.Y. The band worked with producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) and completed a total of ten songs.

The Whigs analyzed their previous albums to see what they liked and what could be improved upon for the new disc. "We looked back at our first three albums and saw what we liked and didn't," drummer Julian Dorio says in a press release. "We thought about the songwriting, playing, production -- taking the best elements to make a record -- a bunch of songs, that we're really proud of."

There is a song on 'Enjoy the Company' called 'Rock and Roll Forever' that is an ode to the lifestyle the Whigs have chosen to live. "Obviously we’re a rock band, that’s what we do," frontman Parker Gispert told Rolling Stone. "That’s what I’ve done my entire adult life -- driving around in vans, touring rock clubs, just playing in a rock band -- so it makes sense to have a song about what you do and the kind of music that you love."