Will Butler said he was going to write his fourth news-inspired song this week about the Brit Awards, but changed his mind when scientists discovered a massive black hole.

The Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist and new solo artist wrote a song each day this past week based on headlines from the Guardian and having already covered the water crisis in Brazil, the Greek debt crisis and other hot-button issues. But Butler revealed he was initially preparing to dip into the entertainment section for story No. 4:

I had every intention of writing about the Brit awards. It was a news event I was sure the Guardian would cover. I was pretty confident in Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. I could cheat a bit, prepare a couple zingers in advance.

But they just found a black hole 12 [billion] times the mass of the sun and almost as old as the universe itself, so, whatever.

I’m not terrified we’re going to get sucked into a black hole. I’m terrified that all of human art is only 50,000 years old and that nothing anything any of us do will ever matter. jk lol

Bwahahahhahahahhaha. Madonna can’t save us now."

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think.