If you're a folk music fan, chances are you've become acquainted with Midwest picker William Elliott Whitmore. His next album, Radium Death, comes out March 31 on Anti- Records, and to get fans all worked up, Anti- and Elmore just release a short documentary that gives a peek at the making of the new album. Check it out above.

The video shows Whitmore and his band working out details while recording Radium Death. Whitmore and his cousin, Luke Tweedy, who recorded the new album, talk about their history together and their approach to recording. Tweedy talks about how he decided to become a recording engineer after his cousin played him his first tape of songs. And Whitmore discusses why Radium Death is a departure from his earlier work:

"It's taken me quite a while to write the songs for this record, and I've really tried to take the time to craft songs in a certain way. It's gonna be interesting to bring to the studio, experiment with different sounds and different instrumentation, to bring some people in ... And in the past, it's actually been some of the coolest parts of songs. So I'm ready to do more of that."

You can get more details on Radium Death -- including pre-order options for the new disc -- at Anti-'s website here.