It’s been a little more than a week since William Ryan Fritch dropped his latest full-length, Revisionist, and today (Feb. 19), he has unveiled a video for the album’s closing track, “Still.” Watch it above.

The clip, which was directed by Gregory Euclide, features layered paintings over other imagery – sometimes you can make out a hand; at other moments, single lyrics from Fritch’s song. It makes for a very graphic, mixed media companion piece for a song that draws on similar techniques.

On Revisionist, Fritch pieces together second-hand instruments to create grand arrangements. For “Still,” the singer-songwriter enlisted Esme Patterson to provide the track’s sweet, delicate vocals atop Fritch’s at times chaotic compositions. Just like the new video, sometimes you hone in on its individual pieces, but when you step back, it makes for something much greater.

Revisionist is out now on Lost Tribe Sound. The album follows Fritch’s Leave Me Sessions, an ongoing subscription service for the singer's collected works over the past two years, which includes more than 100 songs in total.