Chicago indie crooner Willis Earl Beal was arrested Saturday (May 26) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for allegedly kicking a homeless man in the face during his performance at the Le Guess Who? Festival there, Pitchfork reports. Beal spent the night in jail and was let go Sunday afternoon without charge.

Concert attendees report that Beal was provoked into action during his set by two men who were drumming with their hands on the stage. "If you disrespect my profession, I disrespect your face," he allegedly said, before kicking one of the men. Police arrived on the scene to make the arrest, and the injured man was taken to a hospital.

Posted below is video of Beal cutting off his show early -- one would assume this was after the police arrived to arrest him. "Considering the unpleasant circumstances, I feel it would be best if I exit the stage," he says in the clip. "So, because of a few bad apples, we all miss out on one more glorious, fantastic, lovely performance. I love you, and I even love the guy whose face I kicked in. I love him, too. He's a good guy! He's just drunk, a little. Too much to drink."

Following that speech, a concertgoer in the video screams out something inaudible, to which he replies, "You come up here and say that to me, prick."

Beal is next scheduled to perform Tuesday in Ghent, Belgium.

Watch Willis Earl Beal End His Le Guess Who? Festival Performance Early