Richmond, Va.-based metal act Windhand’s vocalist, Dorthia Cottrell, is heading out on her own as she preps for her debut solo effort due out this spring. The record will boast 11 tracks -- see the full list below -- one of which Cottrell premiered today (Dec. 10). Take a listen to the new track, 'Gold,' below:

You’ll notice a markedly different tone than that of Windhand’s catalog. Diverging from her metal roots, Cottrell will explore a dark, psychedelic folk sound on her forthcoming self-titled debut.

Take a look at the album art below, and then grab the album when it arrives on Mar. 3 via Forcefield Records.

'Dorthia Cottrell' Track List
1. 'Cemetery Song’
2. 'Gold’
3. 'Oak Grove’
4. 'Orphan Bird’
5. 'Vessel’
6. 'Maybe It's True’
7. 'Moth’
8. 'Kneeler’
9. 'Rake’
10. 'Perennial’
11. 'Song For You’

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