The upcoming launch of Microsoft's Windows 8, their first new operating system in three years, is obviously a huge deal, and the campaign backing the roll-out is sure to be equally massive. And now consumers have their first taste of Windows 8 via a 30-second commercial that debuted Sunday (Oct. 14) with what is sure to be one of the highest-profile slots of the fall cable season, the Season 3 premiere of 'The Walking Dead.' The ad features a high-octane song from none other than Eagles of Death Metal.

The spot itself is is fairly straightforward, starting with a voice-over of what seems to be a 10-to-1 countdown that quickly stalls at eight, with the voice repeating the number several times over a somewhat random assortment of images depicting scenes of triumph, celebration and destruction: a space shuttle launching, a pinata getting smashed, a guy doing back flips, a computer blowing up. Following that comes the requisite screen shots of Windows 8 in use, interspersed with kids using the OS in (literally) colorful ways and some more space shuttles and such.

Thankfully, the clip gets a real shot of adrenaline thanks to the up-beat, punk-ish rock ditty 'Only Want You' by Eagles of Death Metal, the garage-rock duo featuring Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. The song is the lead track off the Eagles' 2004 album 'Peace, Love, Death Metal.' Watch the clip below and see what "Windows reimagined" (that's the ad's tagline) exactly looks like.

Check Out Eagles of Death Metal's 'Only Want You' in the Windows 8 Commerical