Canadian art-rock experimentalists Yamanata // Sonic Titan don't make music for lightweights. Theirs is a sweeping, theatrical, pretty-ugly -- and pretty awesome -- melding of soothing sounds and grinding noise. Earlier this year, they dropped their sophomore album, 'UZU,' and now comes a characteristically transfixing new video for 'Saturn's Return,' the disc's epic closer.

Co-directed by singer Ruby Kato Attwood and filmmaker Derrick Belcham, the black and white clip plays like a series of abstract paintings set in motion. Other than the silhouettes of Attwood, there's nothing wholly recognizable in the swirling, spinning splotches and spheres. According to the Fader, which premiered the video, Attwood and Belcham used "chemicals, housewares, toys and other quotidian materials" to evoke the outer-space scene suggested by the title.