This young frontwoman of an electronica duo infamously ran away from home at the tender age of 14 to live in a squat community of gutter punks and start an all-girl crust-noise band with the endearing name of Fetus Fatale, yet -- lucky us! -- continued to go to school, providing the opportunity for this otherwise elusive yearbook photo to be shot. Think you know the name of the budding star featured in the picture?

She met her partner in her current band when he caught a Fetus Fatale gig and offered to write songs with her. One of the tracks caught the ear of someone at a record label, and soon the duo had its debut album, a self-titled offering which dropped in 2006. Their second eponymous album, out in 2010, featured the tune 'Not in Love' with guest vocals from the Cure's Robert Smith and is their highest-charting single to date.

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