There aren't a ton of second generation Asian Americans in the world of rock, so perhaps this future star's ethnicity makes it a bit easier to identify him from his yearbook photo. Think you know who this is, or would you like some clues?

Growing up in what he described as "a boring, middle-class suburb of Chicago," he dropped out of college to focus on what would become one of the most successful alt-rock bands of the '90s -- a group sometimes associated with the Seattle-centric grunge scene, despite being from Chicago and having a diverse list of influences that included classic rock, psych and metal.

This guitarist rarely sang, wrote songs or even played on the band's records, with their famously overbearing frontman maintaining creative control -- as he does today, as the sole surviving original member. The group's popularity peaked in the mid-'90s with the release of a double LP, and by 2000 had split, only to reform a few years later with new backing members. Since then, this guitarist has recorded with other acts and is getting ready to issue his second solo album. Now do you know who it is?