If this is what happens when you eat Yoplait, count us in! In a new commercial for the brand of yogurt, a woman at an outdoor cafe spoons up a bite of Yoplait -- and the next thing you know, she's surrounded by a flash mob of men and woman dancing in the street with colorful umbrellas. She's quickly taken in and of course picks up all the crew's moves immediately -- we're talking some pretty impressive ones -- and spends the rest of the ad spinning and dipping in time.  If synchronized umbrella dancing was an Olympic sport, they'd be favorites for the gold.

Accompanying all that is the indie pop nugget 'I'm Thinking Sunshine' by Max and Simon, a song so upbeat and cheerful that it almost seems like it could've been penned specifically for the commercial. "I'm thinking sweet, I'm thinking new / I'm thinking happy, I think you should too," sings Blake Healy over major-key acoustic guitars, accompanied by whistling, hand claps and even a simple xylophone melody.

Despite the name, Max and Simon are actually a Los Angeles-based trio featuring Blake Healy of indie pop act Metro Station, Mark Rosas of Scenes and Sirens and Kevin Bard of Stereo Skyline. Healy plays keys in Metro Station, but for this act wanted to step up to the mic. "Blakeʼs singing debut began one day in a Hollywood studio with the three friends having fun, pretending to be an indie band," reads a Facebook post from the trio. "Mark, Kevin, and Blake went into it wanting to write a happy song that anyone could listen to. Mark picked up a guitar, began whistling, and so their first song 'Iʼm Thinking Sunshine' was born."

And with it, so too was imthinkingsunshine.com. Imagine that -- a song so happy, it even has its own website.

Hear Max and Simon's 'I'm Thinking Sunshine' in Yoplait Umbrella 2012 Commercial