Just as the '90s revival they helped spearhead gathers steam, Yuck have announced the departure of singer Daniel Blumberg. The U.K. foursome broke the news via Facebook, and while it may seem like a rather sizable setback, the remaining members went on to reveal that they're heading to New York City this week to begin recording a new album, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2011 self-titled debut.

The full text of the Yuck's statement is below. As per the group, Blumberg has opted to "focus other things," which could mean the Oupa side project he launched back in 2011.

What's up! Lots of new things have been happening in Yuck world. We’re getting ready to go to New York this week to record our 2nd album! Unfortunately, Daniel won't be joining us as he's decided to focus on other things. However, new music, new tour dates, and bigger afros will be coming very soon. So get ready. GET. READY.

While Yuck haven't released an album since 2011, plenty of other Jazzmaster-toting, Dinosaur Jr.-loving children of the Clinton era have shuffled in to fill the void, and earlier this year, we made a list of our 10 favorite neo-alt-rock acts. Check it out here.