Actress Jessica Chastain stars in a commercial for the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance Manifesto, which features a song from Belgian singer-songwriter Selah Sue. The track is called 'Just Because I Do,' and it comes from Sue's 2011 self-titled debut.

In the spot, the actress covers her hands in purple paint and rubs them on a canvas to create a piece of art, which she later wins at an auction by outbidding her male competitors at the last minute. She then gives one of the men the prize.

The plot may not make a lot of sense, but we appreciate the ad's use of the rising singer's music. Sue, born Sanne Putseys, takes her stage name from the the Lauryn Hill song 'Selah.' The U.S. version of her album includes collaborations with R&B and hip-hop stars Cee Lo Green and J. Cole.

“I really enjoy it," she said of her success. "I can see the world. I can make music everyday. I always thought that I was going to have a job from 9 to 5. I could never imagine that I would live the life that I live now.”

Hear Selah Sue's 'Just Because I Do' in the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Commercial