Back in 2010, after The National had been a growing band for 10 years already, they set out on one of their biggest tours, enlisting lead singer Matt Berninger's heavy-metal-loving younger brother Tom to join the crew as a tour manager. Tom decided to film his experience on tour, under his older brother's wing, in a music scene that he doesn't identify with. The result was a documentary called 'Mistaken for Strangers' which depicts Tom's struggles as a tour manager and a video transcript of the two brothers' relationship with each other.

In response, Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson and the Funny or Die team have put together the comical video above.  Watch the two actors reenact some of the documentary's highlights in an attempt to bring The National's documentary to the stage as a Broadway play.

The National's actual documentary 'Mistaken for Strangers' is now available at iTunes and online.