Starting out in Berlin, then making their way to Washington D.C., Zulu Pearls are preparing for the release of their latest EP, ‘Singles Deluxe.’ Ahead of that, Diffuser has teamed up with the rock and roll outfit to premiere the music video for ‘Lightweight’ -- check it out above.

'Singles Deluxe' is packed with five tracks that harken the days of classic rock, while putting a modern twist on things. The EP follows Zulu Pearls’ full-length, ‘No Heroes No Honeymoons.’

The live performance of ‘Lightweight’ is the perfect introduction to 'Singles Deluxe' as it not only captures the sound of Zulu Pearls, but also the compelling energy the band emanates.

“We shot this under the guidance of our friend and director, James Slater,” frontman and chief songwriter Zach Van Hoozer tells us. “We filled up this bar in Neuokoelin -- some refer to it as Heiner’s, others simply refer to its address, Weserstrasse 58 -- and got as many friends and characters in as possible whilst still being able to move around and let it rip for a couple takes.”

Fans may recognize one dancer in the crowd who doesn’t initially look like she belongs at a rock show. Vanhoozer explains, “90-year-old Doris stole the show. She’s literally seen it all in this town and life and still had the soul to be one of the first ones up dancing.”

‘Singles Deluxe’ is due out Oct. 28. Get details on the release, and all of Zulu Pearls’ happenings, at their official website here.