We'd like to point out that we're not making any case for quality in these songs from our list of the Top Alt-Rock Videos From 1999. The 10 tracks below are based on modern-rock radio charts for the year. So, essentially, these are the songs that alternative-music fans were listening to in 1999. Keep that in mind when you get to the parts with Creed and Limp Bizkit. Thank you.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Scar Tissue'

    It's great seeing the four key members of the Chili Peppers back together again in the first video from 'Californication,' even if they are bloody, bruised and battered. The song spent 16 weeks at the top of the modern-rock chart, dominating the year.

  • Lit, 'My Own Worst Enemy'

    These Californians were pretty popular in 1999, when their debut single topped the modern-rock chart for 11 weeks. But things came to a halt after 'My Own Worst Enemy,' as Top 10 hits became few and far between and interest in their generic hard rock waned.

  • Blink-182, 'All the Small Things'

    'All the Small Things' helped break Blink-182: It was both a Top 10 pop hit and a No. 1 record at modern-rock radio. Much credit goes to the song's livin'-large video, a parody of all the boy-band groups that clogged the Top 40 in 1999.

  • Sugar Ray, 'Every Morning'

    Yes, people still took Sugar Ray seriously in 1999, when 'Every Morning' became their second single to top the modern-rock chart. 'Fly' stayed at No. 1 for eight weeks in 1997; 'Every Morning' claimed the position for six weeks in early 1999.

  • Bush, 'The Chemicals Between Us'

    Apparently some music fans still cared enough about grunge in 1999 to push Bush's 'The Chemicals Between Us' to the top of the modern-rock chart for five weeks. How else to explain this forgettable song's success? It was their last of four No. 1 hits.

  • Creed, 'Higher'

    Did modern-rock fans have crappy taste in music in 1999 or what? This crunch-rock snoozer climbed to the top of the alternative chart and stayed there for three weeks. At least their tastes aren't as bad as rock radio fans': 'Higher' stayed at No. 1 for 17 weeks there.

  • Foo Fighters, 'Learn to Fly'

    Foo Fighters' first No. 1 is OK -- typical Foo Fighters when you get down to it. But its video -- featuring Dave Grohl and other band members dressed like the crew and passengers of an airplane -- is pretty funny, especially the parts where Grohl meets a female fan.

  • Limp Bizkit, 'Re-Arranged'

    Today, you won't find too many bands as reviled as Limp Bizkit. But back in 1999 they were crazy popular, making No. 1 albums and scoring all sorts of radio hits, like this one, their first No. 1 modern-rock song. Thankfully, it was their only No. 1 modern-rock song.

  • Blink-182, 'What's My Age Again?'

    'All the Small Things' may have been their breakthrough hit, but 'What's My Age Again?' was actually the first single released from the same album. And it stalled at No. 2 for a whopping 11 weeks in 1999. The video -- featuring naked Blinks -- set up their reputation.

  • Fatboy Slim, 'Praise You'

    Director Spike Jonze set up a fake dance troupe, and stars as its leader, in this hilarious clip that was shot outside of a California movie theater. The shocked reactions from passers-by are genuine. Fatboy Slim's song -- a No. 2 hit -- is pretty good too.