By the end of the '90s, modern-rock radio pretty much turned into traditional rock radio. Besides maybe a No Doubt single that would sneak in between plays of the latest hits by Fuel and Creed, there wasn't a whole lot for alt-rock fans to embrace. Our list of the Top 10 Alt-Rock Videos From 2000 comes from Billboard's modern-rock chart. So don't blame us for its overall lameness.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Otherside'

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers were in the middle of a comeback from 1995's dismal 'One Hot Minute' album (the one they made with Dave Navarro) when 'Otherside' was released as 'Californication''s third single. It stayed at No. 1 for 13 weeks.

  • Fuel, 'Hemorrhage (In My Hands)'

    Apparently people in 2000 cared a lot about generic-sounding hard rock that was influenced by music that came out almost a decade earlier. This Pennsylvania band's only No. 1 modern-rock hit stayed at the top for 12 weeks in late 2000.

  • 3 Doors Down, 'Kryptonite'

    Remember what we said about faceless hard rock earlier? (See the entry for Fuel's 'Hemorrhage' above.) The debut single by this Mississippi band (which still sells records today) falls into that category. 3 Doors Down had a string of No. 1s; 'Kryptonite' is the best.

  • Papa Roach, 'Last Resort'

    Modern-rock radio sounded way too much like traditional rock radio in 2000. At least half of the six songs that made it to No. 1 on the chart that year had very loose, if any, ties to alt-rock's roots -- like the debut single by Papa Roach, their only No. 1 hit.

  • Green Day, 'Minority'

    You may not remember that Green Day had a dry spell between the breakthrough 'Dookie' and the comeback 'American Idiot.' 'Minority' was one of the few bright spots from the period and the band's first No. 1 since 1995's 'J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Reiva).'

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Californication'

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers managed to sneak in one more No. 1 song from their 'Californication' album in 2000 ('Scar Tissue' and 'Otherside' spent a total of 29 weeks at the top). The title track climbed to No. 1 for a single week that summer.

  • Blink-182, 'Adam's Song'

    Following their first modern-rock No. 1, 'All the Small Things' (which spent eight weeks at the top), Blink-182 got serious on the follow-up single, 'Adam's Song.' The track spent seven weeks at No. 2 in 2000. Their next two singles would also stop at the runner-up position.

  • Creed, 'With Arms Wide Open'

    Rock radio made it a No. 1 hit for four weeks. It's Creed's only No. 1 single on the pop chart. And it won a Grammy for Rock Song of the year. But 'With Arms Wide Open' stalled at No. 2 for four weeks at modern-rock radio in 2000. Thankfully.

  • No Doubt, 'Ex-Girlfriend'

    After No Doubt's huge breakthrough in 1995 with 'Tragic Kingdom,' it was another five years before they released a new album. 'Return of Saturn' wasn't a big hit, and its first single didn't even crack the Top 100. But it did make it to No. 2 for three weeks at modern rock.

  • Blink-182, 'Man Overboard'

    Following the serious 'Adam's Song' and its somewhat staid video, Blink-182 returned to their penis-flapping safe ground for their next clip. The song itself is somewhat restrained, but 'Man Overboard''s video features naked little people. What else to say?