The music of experimental pop duo the Fiery Furnaces is featured in Blackberry's new 'Do You?' commercial, which separates the world into people who live life to the fullest and more passive types who are content to sit on the sidelines.

The 60-second spot utilizes a split-screen to display the opposing types of lifestyles. Among the more interesting contrasting scenes are an empty pizza box vs. a cookbook, a man viewing a mountain through binoculars vs. a man climbing the same mountain, a group of kids lounging on the couch vs. a group riding a roller coaster, and a man yawning vs. one singing opera.

The commercial ends with the text, "There are people who don't. And people who do. Do you?" Meanwhile, the Fiery Furnace' 'Nevers' provides a deliberate, monotonous tone throughout the promo. The ad loops the song's instrumental portion and its signature keyboard riff.

The Fiery Furnaces, composed of siblings Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger, were one of indie rock's more acclaimed pop acts until they took a break from recording in 2009. 'Nevers' appeared on the Furnaces' 2006 album 'Bitter Tea.' In 2011, Eleanor released 'Last Summer,' her first solo album.

Watch the Blackberry 'Do You?' Commercial Featuring the Fiery Furnaces' 'Nevers'