Jack White, decked out in a swanky Elvis-meets-Johnny-Cash black suit with silver embroidery and inlaid rhinestone, kicked off his 2013 Grammy performance with his all-female backing band the Peacocks. White and the six sirens -- drummer, upright bassist, pedal steel guitarist, piano player, fiddler and backing vocalist -- turned in a smooth, sublime version of 'Love Interruption,' a standout track from his Album of the Year-nominated 'Blunderbuss.'

Then, just as it seemed like it was all over, White took a few steps across the stage, where his other backing band, the all-male group the Buzzards (he's been touring with both the Peacocks and the Buzzards for the last year), were waiting in the shadows. The lights flashed on, and they immediately busted into a ferocious rendition of 'Freedom at 21,' a tune which was nominated for Best Rock Song but lost out to the Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy.'

The Buzzards have similar instrumentation as the Peacocks, including upright bass, but their 'Freedom At 21' was decidedly more upbeat and muscular, even if if that's just because what the song calls for. All in all, though, it was a dual performance that undoubtedly made even the toughest White Stripes fan proud.

Watch Jack White Perform at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Jack White - Love Interruption - Grammys 2013 by IdolxMuzic