Summer's almost here, and that means that festival season is already underway. With so many to choose from, we've created this gallery as a handy guide to the major destination festivals across the U.S.

Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza have been the standard bearers for the festival circuit, bringing in the biggest names from all genres, an idea that first bore fruit on the inaugural Lollapalooza tour. In the wake of their success, festivals have sprung up in locales all over the country, some offering the vibrancy of a major city, while others take place amid the tranquility of a rural setting.

In many instances, these promoters have followed the formula with a diverse lineup to bring in as large a crowd as they can attract, but there are also many festivals that are devoted more or less exclusively to indie classic rock, country, R&B or jam bands. Or in the case of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, known as Jazz Fest, it's a celebration of the music, food and culture of the city, with nationally known acts brought in as headliners and spread out over two weekends. Sometimes it can also provide an opportunity for a band to reunite, as Jawbreaker will do at this year's installment of Riot Fest

Inside you'll find out the wheres and whens of the festivals, as well as the headliners and some of the other major acts who will also be performing. Click above to begin and look through it all to find the one that best matches your musical and destination preferences.

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