The turkey never tastes as good as it smells coming out of the oven. Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with inevitable let downs -- right down to the (eventual) failed promise of that fabled first Thanksgiving between European settlers and Native Americans.

In that spirit, we got to thinking about that other bastion of unmet expectations: the big-name rock collaboration. Whether it's a punk rock legend hooking up with an up and coming indie act, a couple of aging troubadours saddling up together for a final ride or two marquee names pooling their collective talents, big collaborations – almost by their nature – rarely seem to live up to the hype. In fact, even when they're perfect -- when two compatible talents find each other -- they often just don't last. Sometimes egos get in the way, but other times, the pairings are just too weird or special to last.

Check out our gallery of 21 collaborations that, by tragedy or by destiny, just didn't stand the test of time.

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