Hailing from Sacramento, Calif., and playing a progressively minded brand of post-hardcore, A Lot Like Birds are getting set to release 'No Place,' their third album and first for the Equal Vision label. Produced by Kris Crummett (Closure in Moscow, Sleeping With Sirens), the 10-song collection showcases the band's impressive control over dynamics, as they pad each track with tempo-shifting arrangements that keep you engaged throughout.

"This record was much different for all of us because it was decidedly going to be a concept record before a single note or word was written for it, and furthermore we knew that the concept would be a house," A Lot Like Birds guitarist Michael Franzino told Diffuser.fm about the new album. "So instead of facing an infinitely blank sonic canvas when I sat down to write, I now set myself to work within the confines of capturing the mood of a room, and more specifically, [co-vocalist] Cory [Lockwood]'s concept for that room."

"There were many long phone calls between Cory and I where I would pick his brain on each room would represent symbolically, what kind of dynamics he thought would work well, or what specific emotions I was to try to convey," he added. "It was an extremely interesting way to go about it. There were also songs like 'No Nature' and 'Recluse' -- one came rather quickly after the other -- that were simply ideas that spilled out that started to embody a basement or attic and were molded to be such."

'No Place' hits stores tomorrow (Oct. 29), but Diffuser.fm has an exclusive premiere of the album right this very minute (listen below). Tomorrow also marks the start of a U.S. tour with HRVRD, Night Verses and My Iron Lung. Click here for dates.