There's been constant storm of rumors over the past couple days claiming that one of rock's most cherished bands, AC/DC, were calling it quits. But singer Brian Johnson has squashed the talk by telling the U.K.Telegraph, "We are definitely getting together in May in Vancouver. We're going to pick up some guitars, have a plonk, and see if anybody has got any tunes or ideas. If anything happens, we'll record it."

The rumors were fueled by fellow Aussie rocker Mark Gable, who told ABC Radio that rhythm guitarist Malcolm was sick and unable to perform anymore. He implied that Young had suffered a stroke.

Earlier today, AC/DC confirmed on Facebook that Young was taking a break from the band:

In early 2012, Johnson spoke about the band's plans to record a new album, but said that things were on hold due to the health of one of the band members. He wouldn't elaborate at the time. "One of the boys has a debilitating illness, but I don't want to say too much about it," he said.

Sadly, it turns out that at least part of the rumors going around the past couple days was true. But there's hope, since the Facebook post says that Young is only "taking a break," and "the band will continue to make music." We wish Young a speedy recovery.