On his forthcoming 'Parapsychology' EP, U.K. producer Chris Griffin, aka Acquaintance, sets a template with track one, 'Telepathic,' and then goes off on sonic tangents. The remaining three songs are "almost unrecognizable" versions of that opener, according to a press release, and Diffuser is proud to premiere 'Nothing Undisclosed,' the disc's penultimate variation.

Nearly nine minutes long, 'Nothing Undisclosed' never drags. With its steady beat, cool synth tones and ghostly fragments of sampled vocals, it's like a '90s dance hit stripped of its hook and stretched out for the purposes of daytime listening. It's clubby yet restrained -- a little something to bump at your desk this afternoon.

Griffin is a co-founder of the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective, an assemblage of like-minded house- and R&B-loving electronic tinkerers that also includes Great Pagans, Gazelle Twin and Bernholz. 'Parapsychology' drops Nov. 4 and sets the stage for 'Satellite Stream,' Griffin's full-length debut, a nine-song set of "conceptually related songs" landing sometime next year. Click here for more info.