No matter where they go on the press tour for the Noah Baumbach-directed movie, While We’re Young, the film’s stars Ben Stiller and Adam Horovitz always seem to end up talking about the Beastie Boys rather than the movie -- and we can’t say we mind.

When Stiller turned up on Late Night With Seth Meyers, he demonstrated his supreme knowledge of Beastie lyrics. When Ad-Rock visited Meyers, however, he let to rest an inaccurate rumor: Vin Diesel was not a break-dancer for the Beastie Boys.

While promoting his own movie -- approximately the 23rd in the Fast and Furious franchise -- last month, Diesel told Jimmy Kimmel that he was a break-dancer for the Beastie Boys (watch that below). However, Horvitz told Meyers that’s just not true, saying Diesel “straight Vanilla Iced.”

“One of us -- probably [Adam] Yauch, because he’s a nice guy -- saw this kid and was like, ‘We’ll say you’re a break-dancer and you’re with our band and blah, blah, blah,’ so that could’ve happened, but that’s not the way that Mark Vincent told it,” Horovitz said. “He said he was a break-dancer for the Beastie Boys; that’s weird, you guys.”

While Meyers pointed out that this already has the potential to be the year’s best feud, Horovitz did give a kind of rave endorsement for Diesel’s work in XXX. Check out the complete segment above.