While we patiently wait for the release of the Afghan Whigs' first album in 16 years to be released, the band was thoughtful enough to share the first video for the album, 'Algiers.'

Directed by Phil Harder, the video hits the dusty trail to a wild, wild west filled with cowboys, booze and saloons. But instead of the usual gunslinging imagery that goes with these sort of things, Harder and the Whigs serve up an old-fashioned whipping.

It's a pretty violent take on things, and way more in line with the spaghetti westerns of the '60s and '70s than, say, a 1950s John Wayne movie. Plus, shades of the Clint Eastwood-directed classic 'High Plains Drifter' are all over the place, right down to the final scene.

And it all totally fits the mood of the song. Frontman Greg Dulli makes an appearance, but the rest of the band is pretty much shoved to the background, rocking in shadow out by the sunset.

'Algiers' is the first single off 'Do to the Beast,' which comes out on April 15. It's the Cincinnati band's first album since 1998's '1965' (got that?). The group will hit the road right around the same time for a tour that includes a stop at Coachella.

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