ITSuicide singer Alan Vega's first solo album since 2007's Station, is set for a posthumous release July 14. It comes on the first anniversary of the the proto-punk rocker's death at 78. You can listen to "DTM," short for "Dead to Me," the first single from the album, above.

The record will be offered digitally and on vinyl, the latter of which features unpublished drawings, writings and photos by Vega. In addition, a limited-edition orange vinyl version will be available at select independent record stores.

Vega had been working on the album from 2010 until his death in 2016, along with his wife and frequent collaborator Liz Lamere, who helped write and produce it. Material for the LP stemmed from his consumption of global news programs and late-night walks around New York City, during which he recorded ambient noises and took photographs.

“Alan's life force was so strong because he believed in his vision and purpose," Lamere said in a statement, according to Rolling Stone. "He understood we can't control much of what happens to us, or in our world, but we have free will and the power to go on and stand for what we believe in."

Before his death, Vega disputed the idea that his music was "too angry." "To me, it was always just an energy. It was the way I perceived the world. The key Suicide song was 'Dream Baby Dream,' which was about the need to keep our dreams alive. I knew back then that something poisonous was encroaching on our lives, on all our freedoms."

You can now pre-order IT from various retailers using this link.

Alan Vega, IT Track Listing:

1. "DTM"
2. "Dukes God Bar"
3. "Vision"
4. "IT"
5. "Screamin Jesus"
6. "Motorcycle Explodes"
7. "Prayer"
8. "Prophecy"
9. "Stars"

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