The influences in the new single by Alberta Cross are as varied as the duo's hometowns. The pair, collectively, are from Sweden and England and now Brooklyn, N.Y., where they currently craft their genre-melding breed of mutt rock.

In their newest single, 'Lay Down,' one can hear bits of '80s feedback kings Jesus and Mary Chain co-mingling with knobs-up contemporary radio rock, bits of regurgitated Neil Young proto-grunge and any number of albums in the '70s "jams to smoke loose joints to" canon. Heck, listen closely and you can even make out a little New Order-esque synthesizer.

Even through tinny earbuds, this song is an immense head nodder, so one can only imagine the decibels that Alberta Cross, who are steadily accumulating buzz by being road warriors in their own right, bring with them on the stage.

It's an anthemic, pleading number, rife with driving stoner rock drums, thumping piano, top-of-the-register vocals from lead singer Petter Ericson Stakee and a certain sense of immediate anxiety that's difficult to pull off. No subtlety here -- these dudes are obviously trying hard to draw out goosebumps. Maybe too much so: It's not really a song that begs for repeat listens. But if you're in the right frame of mind, that first spin could very well have you reaching for your lighter.

Alberta Cross' upcoming album, 'Songs of Patience,' comes out next month on ATO Records.

Listen to Alberta Cross' 'Lay Down'

6 out of 10 rating