Defeater's revolutionary brand of aggressive hardcore punk has been the stuff of impassioned singalongs in basements and halls nationwide. This month, the voice of their signature sound appeals to the softer side for the first time on record.

Alcoa, Derek Archambault's acoustic solo outlet, was born a decade ago, but the singer's twangy Americana-meets-'Swiss Army Romance' gems were always second to his full-band obligations and never saw proper release. Bridge Nine Records will rectify that on Feb. 26, when it issues Archambault's debut full-length, 'Bone & Marrow.'

"'Keep Track/Lose Track' was written a few years ago, when Alcoa was still just a project I never thought I would really do anything with," Archambault tells "When we recorded the demo for this song a year and a half ago, it sort of became the template for how we wanted the full length to sound."

"We added pedal steel and organ on this song, as well as most of the record, making it finally sound fully realized," he added.

While the 'Bone & Marrow' material is far removed from what you're used to hearing from Archambault, the truth in his expression is familiar. His sentimental stories and minimalist acoustic rock instrumentation evoke nostalgia and have you wondering if you've heard these songs somewhere before.

If you're in the Boston area, catch Alcoa on Jan. 25 at the Sinclair with La Dispute and the Menzingers and grab a copy of his teaser 7-inch, 'Drowned.'

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