On Dec. 1, 1989 at Washington State University, grunge legends Alice in Chains performed a harrowing set for their college fans -- and thanks to the fine folks at Alternative Nation, we can now watch the full, never-before-seen footage 25 years later. Check it out above.

The performance was one of the band's first after signing with Columbia Records, the label that put out their debut LP Facelift. WSU promoter Ken Cardwell scrounged together nearly $2,000 (which included fronting his second semester tuition money) to book the band. Tickets for the show sold rapidly and Cardwell, along with WSU student Tony Harrell, were forced to find a larger venue, the CUB Ballroom, where no other band had played before.

“I didn’t have much of an advertising budget,” Cardwell said. “So I worked with KUGR, the campus radio station, to cut some promos and they ran ads promoting the show.” You can listen to the radio show's commercial below:

The show's setlist included many of the band's greatest hits to date, including show opener "Killing Yourself," as well as "Man in the Box," "We Die Young," "Sunshine," "Suffragette City" and many more. Alice in Chains' Facelift, which was released on Aug. 21, 1990, has since been certified double-platinum by the RIAA, selling more than 2 million copies in the U.S.

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